Learn How to Make Money Online in Nigeria as a Student

Learn How to Make Money Online in Nigeria as a Student

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As a young programmers you have to be smart if you want to be successful in life – Segun Ayodele Flexible

Ayodele Segun aka Flexible a young nigeria web builder, software developer and data analysis has took to his social media (Facebook) to approach those who have in mind becoming a great and successful programmers like him

He Wrote:

When i started to learn programming back in 2011 all alone by myself, in a rural area that even has few computer center. I was not privileged to owned a laptop or android phone or even money to visit those few computer center then, it was with my precious Symbian E63.
Udemy has been launched then in 2010, but i haven’t heard about them until 2015.
So i only have w3school, MDN web docs, stackoverflow and my favourite site builder wapka.mobi 😎.
Unlike nowadays, that we now have Udemy,
Coursera etc.
What am trying to extract from all this is, as a young programmer you are, you are privileged with all the resources you need to make you the best programmer in the world.

Just calm down with yourself, don’t rush things, don’t let all this showcasing programmer put you in rush, believe me they knew nothing, they make only noise.

Watch videos from YouTube, if you have money to buy courses on Udemy, please do it, read ebook, stay more close with w3school and others platform similar to it, as you are learning always build small small project with what you’ve just learned, practice alot and also practice and finally practice.
The sky is your starting point.

Have a nice weekend 💪

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