Simon Dahboss Biography, Age, Origin and Lifestyle

Simon Dahboss Is a Software Developer, Data Analyst, Blogger, Writter, Promoter, Internet Sensational and Spammer ¦ And he is a native of Oyo

Simon J popularly known as ” General Dahboss” was born on the 5th of April, 1995 and hails from Oyo State.

•Full name:: Simon Dahboss (My Surname is Private)
•State of origin: Oyo
•L.G.A:: ****
•Date of birth:: ******
•Place of birth:: Oyo
•Gender:: Male Pro Max
•Sexuality:: Ain’t I Know
•Relationship status:: In a relationship with my programming language
•Age:: 27
•Visited any country:: Yes (Cotonou and Tanzania)
•Position in the family:: 3rd born
•Genotype:: ***
•Blood Group:: ***
•Fav Colour:: (#008751) programmers can relate
•Fav Food:: kuku kill me with Indomie ��
•Fav Song:: As long as it’s rap (hip-hop)
•Fav movie:: As long as it’s action, horror or killings..
•Fav Artist:: Bob Marley, Tekno, Terry G,
Fav basketballer : Null
•Tattoos:: None
•Complexion:: Little Fair
•Nicknames: General Dahboss
•Hobbies:: Football, Programming, Blogging
•Addiction:: Writing Codes that seems impossible
•Language: English, Igbo, French, PHP, JavaScript
•Smoked:: No
•Drank Alcohol:: No


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