Meet The 18 Children Of Yoruba Actor Adebayo Salami (Photos)

Adebayo Salami is popularly known as Oga Bello is a veteran Nollywood actor, he is a proud father of 18 children, 9 males and 9 females.

According to Wikipedia, Oga Bello hails from Ilorin town, the Kwara State capital and was born on the 9th of May,1953 in Lagos State.

The 18 children are from 2 women, even though he does not support polygamy, because he says that it’s not easy to run.

Some Facts About Adebayo Salami Marriage and Children

  • He met his first wife, Alhaja Ejide while they were in secondary school
  • This couple has been together for over 40 years. Adebayo Salami.
  • He met his 2nd wife, through his younger sister.
  • Five of this actor’s children followed in his footsteps, by diving into the movie industry.
  • The most known of them are Femi Adebayo, Kemi Adebayo, and Tope Adebayo.
  • Both of his wives have 9 children each.

Even though this veteran actor says that a polygamous home is not easy to run, he has successfully trained all his 18 children, up to the university level, and they are all doing quite well for themselves.

The 18 Children of Adebayo Salami 

These are the male children of Adebayo Salami.

1. Wale Adebayo

Wale Adebayo

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