Do you want to move your blog from to 

Many beginners often start with, but they soon realize its limitations and want to switch to the self-hosted platform. 

In this step by step guide, we’ll show you how to properly move your blog from to

Why Move from to allows anyone to start a blogby creating an account. However, beginners soon realize that there are a lot of limitations on their free blog like limited ability to monetize, can’t install plugins, third-party ads displayed to your users, and more. 

This is why users soon switch to the more powerful and popular self-hosted platform. 

To understand the differences between the two platforms, see our full comparison of vs 

We recommend using because it gives you complete ownership of your website and freedom to control all its features. To learn more about all these features, see our complete WordPress reviewwith pros and cons. 

That being said let’s take a look at how to properly migrate your blog from to 

Things You Need Before You Start

To start with self-hosted, you’ll need a WordPress hosting account and a domain name.

If your WordPress site already has a custom domain name, then you’ll still need web hosting. Go ahead and signup with Bluehost and under the domain step, add your blog domain. We will show you how to keep the same domain while transferring from to without losing search rankings in the later steps.

Aside from the hosting account, you’ll of course need access to your account, so you can easily move all of your posts, pages, images, comments, and other data over to your self-hosted WordPress site.

Bonus Free Offer: Since a lot of you asked for this, we are now offering free migration service from to as part of our free WordPress blog setup service. During this guided transfer, one of our expert team members will do the entire migration for you (100% free). This means you can switch from to without any risk.

However, if you are someone who likes learning and doing things yourself, then you can follow our step by step tutorial below.

Video Tutorial

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