Discover how to transfer data from iPhone to iPhone following this simple guide.

Whether you’ve just upgraded to one of the best iPhones or have inherited an older model, learning how to transfer data from iPhone to iPhone will probably be the first thing on your list.

Transferring data from one iPhone to another is the natural first step when firing up your device for the first time. Apple fully understands this, which is why it has provided numerous ways to move data between iPhones, including wirelessly through iCloud or by using a computer.

And if you’re running iOS 15, there’s a new process which simplifies the process even further by offering free temporary storage space on iCloud. Ready to transfer data from iPhone to iPhone? Check out the different methods in our guide below.

1. First, go to Settings and tap General. Then scroll to the bottom of the screen and tap Transfer or Reset iPhone

iOS Set Up New iPhone option with "Unlock to continue" highlighted
(Image credit: Apple)

2. The Prepare for New iPhone feature will be available at the top of the screen. Tap Get Started

iOS 15 with "Hold your new iPhone up to the camera" on-screen
(Image credit: Apple)

3. After reading through the information, tap Continue

iOS Apps & Data page with "Transfer directly from iPhone" highlighted
(Image credit: Apple)

You may then be asked to tap Turn on Backup to Transfer (unless iCloud Backup is already turned on). Select Move All App Data with iCloud and tap Done. Apps and data will start to upload to iCloud. You can check on the backup progress on the main Settings screen.


How to transfer data from iPhone to iPhone using iCloud

Even if you’re not looking to immediately transfer data from one iPhone to another, having a backup of your device will give you peace of mind if your iPhone is ever lost or stolen. The bonus is that the data can be safely held in iCloud, ready for whenever you want to transfer it. 

1. To begin, open the Settings app and tap on your name at the topthen tap iCloud

2. Go through the list of services and decide which apps should and should not use iCloud. Either tap and select On or Off or tap a toggle, depending on the available option.

3. Backups can be made automatically. Just tap iCloud Backup and toggle it on. It’s also possible to immediately back up your iPhone to iCloud. To do this, tap Back Up Now

4. If you’re now looking to move your data from one iPhone to another, you’ll have a huge bank of stuff to transfer.

When you fire up your new iPhone (or one that has been erased and reset), input your language and region and, on the Quick Start page, tap Set Up ManuallyChoose Wi-Fi network, tap Nextand wait a few minutes while the iPhone is activated. 

Sign in with your iCloud Apple ID and select the most recent iCloud backup. Now you just need to wait while the data is transferred to the new iPhone. 


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