Self-acclaimed celebrity wife, 
Desola Afod has finally stepped into the fourth floor.

The wife of actor, Kunle Afod who has been counting down to her big day has ushered herself into the 40th floor with stunning photos.

Reason why I can’t compete with you…. What they bought for you, I bought it myself.. This is @desolaafod CELEB WFE. This is 40”.

Desola Afod is 40

Desola Afod had shared a lovely family photo and videos of herself and her husband as she prepared to step into her 40th birthday.

The mother of four boys who had been rocking the internet with dazzling photos of herself was excited to mark her 4th decade.

Sharing a video of herself and her husband donning a matching outfit, the mother of four claimed she was stepping into 40 with the love of her life.


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