How To Get High Cpc, Cpm and Ctr From Google Adsense and Boost Your Earnings

Before, it was such a struggle getting 1$ in a day, I now wake up every morning to meet at least one dollar sitting there.

And now, I’m hoping NOT to reach the threshold this month so that I don’t get paid $100 next month. I want it bigger obviously and I don’t mind waiting until a month after.

Adsense require patience, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have a strategy.

Unlike other people who just come here to share success stories with no strategy to motivate others, I’ll share mine.

So, here’s my strategy;


  1. I didn’t build backlinks or reach out for guest posts.
  2. I didn’t do any social media sharing campaign.


  1. Created a resource download website and added it as a subfolder (not subdomain) in an existing Adsense-approved website.

Then I made sure I built a template that auto-optimize new uploads for Search Engines by inserting the variables (e.g file name, category) in the description so that it reads natural.

I also used a plugin called Image Auto-Alt tags to ensure that all images have alt tags.

  1. I Kept adding more resources to the downloads website until Google had more than enough to handle. I stopped at some point so it doesn’t look like spam.

I won’t really tell you what resource I’m offering for downloads, but you can offer pretty much anything, such as Transparent PNGs, Clip Arts, Vector Graphics, Templates, etc.

  1. To increase my revenue and reduce bounce rates, I added a feature known as “Lazy downloads”. This basically opens a new page with a countdown timer and delay the user for a preset amount of time. (I used 5 secs).

On this “downloading….” page, you can add more ads. The user has no other choice than to see ads while downloading.


  1. I will install an ad block detector to prevent users from using the site with ad blockers.

The advantage of this strategy is that you don’t need to do any keyword research or write creative posts. But bring good with SEO and knowing how to command WordPress to do your bidding may be an advantage.

The screenshot below also contains my search engine growth, and traffic sources.

You’d notice I depend solely on search.


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