Make money on YouTube without making your own videos is possible.

Step 1: Go-to and Create your YouTube Channel. Give it any name you like.

Step 2: Use the search feature to search any type of videos you like. Don’t stop there. Filter your search using “creative commons”. Any video you see see after applying this filter is free to be re-used.

  1. Copy your creative commons video link to and download.
  2. Use any video editor such as kinemaster, filmorago, Adobe premiere etc to do minor edits. Upload the video back to your channel.
  3. Grow your channel to 1k subscribers and 4k watch hours, and watch it monetized.
  4. Make money and open another channel.

Why do I need to become a YouTube guy?

Advert money: more companies pay YouTube to display ads on those videos. You need your share.

Rise of videos in marketing.

Your limitations.

You may be limited by

  1. No knowledge of video editing.
  2. No studio setup to record your voice and face.
  3. No knowledge of how to grow your subscribers to 1k and 4k watch hours.
  4. No knowledge of YouTube setup and SEO.

All these and many more can be found in our rebranded blogging and vlogging mini-class.

It’s just 500 naira till the end of this week. It’s 3,000 by next week. I mean it. It won’t ever go down again.


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