Kika Osunde Biography, Cars, House & Net Worth
Kika Osunde Biography, Cars, House & Net Worth

Kika is a British-Nigerian entrepreneur and public figure. She is mainly known for her flourishing business—Good Hair Limited, which she runs with her friend and business partner, Chioma Ikokwu. Since becoming of notice to the public and amassing so much wealth, Kika has engaged in other charitable works.

Kika Osunde Cars & Net Worth
Kika Osunde Cars & Net Worth
NameKika Ose Osunde
Date of birth1st of December 1987
OccupationBritish-Nigerian beauty, fashion, luxury influencer, restauranteur, and entrepreneur.
Net worth$15 million

Many who know Kika on social media today are either because of her businesses or her extensive social media following. In general, Kika is a popular figure amongst many public figures in Nigeria. She shuffles her time between Nigeria and the UK. This article shares exciting things about the entrepreneur and philanthropist you should know.

Kika Osunde Biography

Kika Ose Osunde, popularly known by many as Kika Good Hair, was born on the 1st of December 1987 and is currently 35 years old. Kika is a British-Nigerian beauty, fashion, luxury influencer, restauranteur, and entrepreneur. She originally hails from Agbor Delta State in the South-South region of Nigeria but was born and raised in London, England.

Kika is the youngest child in a family of four, and she obtained a bachelor’s degree in Business and Marketing with a 2:1 from the College School Birmingham, England. It was also within this school that she met her long-time business partner and friend, Chioma Ikokwu.

In school, Kika met Chioma whom she shared the idea about running a hair business in 2009. Her decision to go the hair-selling route came from her interest in glitz, glamour, and luxury. Both women with similar interests partnered and created the brand “Good Hair Limited.” 

Kika Osunde & Business Partner, Chioma Ikokwu
Kika Osunde & Business Partner, Chioma Ikokwu

According to Kika, the primary source of their success was social media. She points out that Facebook played a huge role in starting their business; they reached 135,000  people in 2 years. She finds Facebook a great platform to promote hair and provide direct personal contact with clients. Since launching in 2009, she records that the business grew rapidly between 2010-2012. Today, it’s one of the top businesses in Lagos and London and has a staff of over 20 people working for them.

Subsequently, Kika and Chioma partnered to open a restaurant in Lagos known as Brass and Copper. Together, both women run and manage their hair business affairs and their lives as restauranteurs.

Aside from her businesses, Kika also doubles as an influencer for luxury fashion brands and companies, and through this means, she has amassed a lot of wealth too.

Kika Ose Osunde

Kika is also a philanthropist whose many acts of goodwill and charity have been recorded. She owns a charity foundation she works through. In March 2019, she spoke at the United Nations 64th Women Conference, held at the United Nations Head Quarters in New York City, where she talked about Sickle Cell Anemia.

Kika Ose Osunde

On a visit to Ghana, Kika decided to put a smile on the faces of homeless children as she donated $10,000 to the motherless home in Accra. She also noted that her grandmother has an orphanage in Benin City called Abeni Orphanage Home. She sends money to her grandma’s orphanage monthly through her charity foundation.


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