Peace Okeke-Amadi, who took two years and four months to give birth, has used her social media page to express gratitude, share a personal story, and celebrate the birth of her first child.

Peace reported in a post on her Facebook page that she started bleeding three months into her first trimester, at which point a doctor told her she had lost the pregnancy.

Peace, who had waited patiently for five years before becoming pregnant, left her place of worship after learning this and cried as she prayed to God.

The lady who was pained and helpless revealed she met with her Pastor who asked her to wipe her tears and have faith in God and wait on him for a miracle. “Babies are not created by blood but by God” she said her Pastor told her.

The lady said she noticed her stomach started growing and she also felt her baby kicking, an evidence that the child was still alive.


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