Every 15th of September, I do remember the day i was ushered into this world, I give God Almighty the glory for another year as i celebrate my birthday today, I therefore call on friends, business associates all over the world to join me and my family in this celebration, Happy birthday to me.

Yemi Mylover is a popular Yoruba actor whose name cannot be forgotten by his fans. This fantastic actor has created a niche for himself in the entertainment industry. He is one of the top notch actors in Yoruba movie industry. This remarkable actor is known for movies like Yemi Mylover, Alani Kanselo, Won Nwa Mi Lame and many more. The movie that brought him into the Limelight was the movie titled Yemi Mylover and that was how he got his stage name. So happy birthday to this talented actor Yemi Mylover.


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