Femi Adebayo

Nollywood stars recently came out for the release of the new Nollywood musical movie, Obara’M. According to the description of the movie, “After her estranged father’s death, Oluchi, an up and coming musician is forced to confront her true self and her past mistakes. She reconnects with her daughter who she abandoned at a young age through their love for music. However, the echoes from the past, greed and bad decisions, springs from every corner, threatening to bring them down.”

The movie is about struggling in Lagos and the crazy things people sometimes go through in order to survive in the ever bustling city. So, on the red carpet, some Nollywood actors and personalities were asked a simple question: “Tell us your moving into Lagos story or your Lagos struggle“. This question brought out a lot of answers and a lot of stories. Here’s what people said.

Deyemi Okanlawon

My Lagos struggle. We have struggled! We have struggled guys. There was a time when I moved out of home, sometime in 2007. And then I realized that I really had nothing. I was broke. Outside of my parents, I had absolutely nothing. I was living with a friend in Shomolu and I was working in my friend’s office or the BQ of his father’s house in Surulere and I will walk from Shomolu to Surulere everyday for a year and a half. Because if I try to take public transport I won’t be able to eat.

Bryan Okoye

First of all, thank God we don’t look like what we’ve been through. The traffic was a major challenge, rent here is super expensive. You know that’s something I’m still trying to get used to. But now we thank God today that we’re surviving irrespective of all the odds, all the difficulties. Somebody say hallelujah!

Biance Ugowanne

When I came into Lagos, I was broke, needed money, still need money, and always always want money.

Jay On Air

Danfo and traffic. And then fighting for change.

Michael Pankyes John

I was staying at my younger brother’s place, he’s married with two kids and then I had to sleep on the floor.

Femi Adebayo

There was a day I misplaced my transport fare and I needed to get to Idumota. So I pretended that I was a staff. You know conductors, when they ask you for money and you say “staff”, I entered and I said staff. They beat me mercilessly that day.

You’ve read answers from some of Nollywood’s stars, now it’s your turn to answer: What is your moving into Lagos story or your Lagos struggle? If you don’t live in Lagos, then what story comes to mind for the city that you live in?


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