Nollywood actress Christabel Egbenya has opened up on life as a mother, and her scary labour room experience.

In a recent interview with Kemi Filani News, the happily married mother of one said, “When it comes to labour room (laughs). If you were there, you will know not believe it’s the same Christabel talking with you now. It was not funny at all. “

“The painful experience is not something I can explain. The only thing I can remember was saying ‘God’, that was the only thing I shouted throughout.

“When I was asked to push, I said one funny thing which I don’t want to say now. I was just like, “God, I’ll make it, I’ll make it.” I just pushed twice and my baby came out but the pain wasn’t funny.”

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The Edo State born movie star also stated what has changed about her since she had her baby and lessons of motherhood.

She said: “A whole lot has changed since I had my baby. Now, I really know what motherhood is all about. Motherhood taught me a lot of things. It changed me, my life, the way I reason, the way I see things has automatically changed.


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